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Papuma Beach - Jember - East Java

Papuma Beach - Jember - East Java
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Papuma Beach

Near to Watu Ulo beach, there is Papuma beach. Papuma is referring to Pantai Putih Malikan or white sandy beach. Those who are visiting Papuma beach will have a great time to sun-bathing or walking over the white sandy path enjoying the sunset.

Besides its natural scenic beauty, Papuma is also rich of exotic animals, such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others.

Papuma Cape Coast is located in the district of Ambulu and Wuluhan, Jember, East Java. Papuma beach is a very exotic beach compared to the existing beaches in East Java, because its beautiful and charming sea by having turquoise color tone ocean and a very fine white sand. Hence, it makes Papuma become affordable beach that can visited in East Java. The tourists, both from local and foreign will enjoy the experience in Papuma beach.

Furthermore, by visiting Papuma beach, the visitors can rent a boat to explore the ocean closer while enjoying the sun rise. The coral reef and the tropical forest around the beach will also enchanting the sightseeing after the Siti Hinggil and Goa Lawa.

Siti Hinggil is a coral rock with a height around 50 m above sea level. The visitors can see Papuma’s beach attraction from above. While, Goa Lawa or Lawa Cave, it has 30 m depth and can be achieved at low tide. According to the legend, this cave was the place south sea ruler’s daughter "Dewi Sri Wulan" and the imprisoned place of Kyai Mataram.

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