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Jolosutro Beach - Blitar - East Java

Jolosutro Beach - Blitar - East Java
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Jolosutro beach is located in Ringenrejo village, Wates district about 45 km from Blitar city. This beach is one of Blitar beach as part of the South Sea. Jolosutro beach has very beautiful south beach waves that splashing in the sea. Many tourists who want to refresh their mind commonly visit this natural beach. They can swim, sun bathing, fishing, canoing, etc in this beach.

It has beautiful nature scenery that interests the visitor and soft sand that spread along the beach. The blue water and sea wind that greet the visitors also became the uniquely of this beach. Try to visit thiss beach and find its nature beautiful of nature beach in Jolosutro beach.

The South Sea
The South Sea panorama is very beautiful and has seduced the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. This sea has fantastic waves, sunset, and sunrise. There are many sea adventurous had astonished with this sea.
Blitar is one of regency that stated in South Sea area, so that Blitar has a few beautiful beaches as part of the South Sea. The beautiful beaches are: Tambak beach in Wonotirto district, Serang beach in Panggungrejo district, Jolosutro beach in Wates district, Gayasan beach in Bakung district.

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