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Trenggalek Batik Cloth

Trenggalek Batik Cloth
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Handwriting Batik Trenggalek

This kind of traditional craft is considered as woman work from generation to generation. Industrial area of this craft industry is located in Sumbergedong district, Trenggalek, covering 1,362 units of commercial, by the total production capacity of 794,804 m. Its particularity is well known up to outside of Java.

As we recognize, Batik is Indonesia particular cloth which represent everything, history, fashion, women, and Indonesia itself.

Some regency, even some island have their own motive on Batik with its philosophy inside. Trenggalek also has particular motive of Batik with the same charm like any other motive from other area.

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Date: 2009-01-12 09:44:55

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