About Tana Toraja

Historically, Tana Toraja means beautiful and fertile land where the inhabitant live peacefully and prosperously who has been sustaining traditional culture in every aspect of their life. Geographically, Tana Toraja is located on mountain and it is one of the regency in South Sulawesi which is settled by Toraja Ethnic Group.

Customs and culture of Torajanese was rooted in philosophical of life, a belief in power of ancestors spirit which can arrange human life in the world formed in the ways of life. The belief has been known since megalithic age. The tradition of megalithic culture has rooted in Toraja way of life, which be formed in every characteristic and unique culture. The phenomenon of Toraja culture can be seen at the shape of traditional villages, traditional house architecture, death party, and various shapes of traditional cemetery (such as cemetery of natural cave, chisel cave, wooden tree, hanging cemetery, and various shape of coffin such as the shape of buffalo, pig, chicken and boat).
The uniqueness of another culture such as various design of traditional carving, historical remain such as erecting monuments, ceremony of bull and cock fighting, dancing, etc.

One of the famous shape of Torajanese culture is death party, it is a party done before burying the body. It purposed in order the spirit of dead body to be saved in the world of spirit (puyah), it is also done for the family who left behind to be blessed and live in prosperity. It Žs celebrated on a large scale by slaughtering tens and even hundreds of buffaloes and pigs. It takes for days or even for months, depends on social status.

Tana Toraja is one of tourist direction which has many beautiful tourist attractions such as beautiful scenery, traditional life, and various shapes of culture uniqueness. Various souvenirs about Toraja such as traditional house of Torajanese in small shape, sculptures, woven cloth, and various shapes of carving with the characteristic of Toraja which is full of belief symbols and life.

Various Carving of Toraja

Traditional House
Traditional house of Torajanese called Tongkonan Toraya, it is the house of nobleman which was settled by the king or in Torajanese called Puang.
The craft made in small shape and being the mainstay of various crafts from Toraja.

Craft which was used by the nobleman as a room decoration and it was also used as an accessories on parties, both death party and wedding party or even another traditional party.
Made of various kinds of plants which are available in Toraja land and packed in various shapes and colour.

Woven Cloth
Woven cloth made of grass which grows in Toraja land and another plants. It was used as the grandeur of the king. It is packed in various color and design.

Bamboo Flute
Used as music instrument which is combining with bamboo music and drum to entertain when the king was being sad. It is also used by the shepherd as an entertainment while tending the buffaloes.

Various Carvings

  • Wall Decoration
  • Box of sirih (betel vine)
  • Traditional Bags
  • Astray
  • Tissues Box
  • Small Table
  • Key Hanger, etc

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