Ningrat Hotel Bangkalan


Ningrat Hotel is located in the middle of downtown Bangkalan. This is not a five-star hotel with luxury facilities, but Ningrat Hotel presents traditional service of Madura that which is no less a historical story behind the establishment of the hotel. Ningrat Hotel is the only place to stay with good facilities in comparison to urban hotels in Bnagkalan. Facilities such as clean beds, wardrobes, small refrigerators to store food, television, air conditioning (AC), clean towels, warm water, delicious food as well as typical Madura and bathrooms are equipped there. Consisting of four types of rooms that can be friends select and adjust to the needs if it is going to stay there. The room options such as Suite Room, VIP, Superior and the standard. For the price depends on each type of room selected. Ningrat Hotel also provides a venue for wedding reception events. The area used for the reception area is in the front to the car park, usually plus large and luxurious party tents. For the rental price of the reception the Hotel Ningrat fixes the price for a 4 hour reception with additional amenities such as a makeup room, kitchen for catering, and family room. Although the price is quite expensive for such facilities, but the condensed atmosphere Kraton Bangkalan can be found in addition to this hotel.


Jl. KHM. Kholil No. 113, Kemayoran, Kec. Bangkalan
Bangkalan, East Java 69116

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