Sativa Sanggraloka Hotel


Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel is a boutique resort that located in Pacet tourist area with an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel was built in 1996 over an area of ??21 hectares, with a scenic backdrop of Welirang Mountains which is the Icon in the Pacet area. Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel has 50 cottages and 2 Presidential Suites. Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel is also supported facilities that can make it more comfortable for every guest who stay in Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel, such as Dewi Sri Restaurant, 5 meeting rooms, 2 swimming pools, Prapanca library, fitness and sports facilities, children's play room, reading room, karaoke room, tennis court, basketball court, jogging track, accessible to Wireless Broadband Internet, andTOGA park which is the main ingredient of natural / traditional medicine. As the only boutique resort in Mojokerto regency, Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel is equipped with luxurious and comfortable interior with international standard. One thing to be the pride and also the uniqueness of Sativa Sanggraloka Pacet Hotel is the nuances of Majapahit Kingdom that had ever triumphed on the earth archipelago is be inspire concept of this hotel. This shows a real globalizing the local effort to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Detail in the interior and exterior are arranged nicely by combining traditional and modern nuances. Some replicas of Majapahit Kingdom heritage temples can be found in every corner of the hotel.


Jl. Raya Pacet KM. 3, Mojoroto, Petak Village, Pacet
Mojokerto, East Java 61374

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