Narita Hotel Tulungagung


Narita Group has been served customers from around the world with the premier quality of hospitality for almost two decades. We are here to provide the best world-class quality and unique hospitality service as well as the finest accommodations, services, amenities, memorable events and best value for both leisure and business. Enjoy our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week that will suit all your needs. You break comfort is our priority and we make sure the room and your bed into the most convenient place. Narita Hotel Tulungagung is located in city center of Tulungagung, so you will be free wherever you go. From the Train Station Tulungagung, you can go to Narita Hotel with just a 5 minutes journey. Many public transport options are what you get to go to Narita Hotel


Jl. KH Agus Salim No.87-89, Kenayan
Tulungagung, East Java 66212

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