Pamekasan Tourism

Pamekasan is the Madura’s capital is just 33 km east of Sampang. Take a visit to Proppo village to see batik making. Nature resource is located less than 600 meter from main road
Sampang-Pamekasan. Whereas, the natural resources potentials economically are
very promising for us to be developed among other things: Plantation, Agriculture, Animals Husbandry, Sea and Fishery, Industry, Mining, Culture and Tourism Potentials.

Pamekasan is rich with its art and culture. Bull race is a reliable tourism, which brings many foreign and domestic tourists.

This tourism object is a place for a rest temporarily while enjoying waves and the waving coconut trees. It also has beautiful white sand and its waves are not too big, so it is safely to swim or surfing in this beach.
The activities that we can do at this beach are, sailing, fishing and swimming.

This beach has a beautiful beach with sand and else where it has a high coral cliff on which shady trees grow. It is a nice place to rest and enjoy the scenery. This beach also closes to fisherman village and also as fishing area, because the waves not too big and the wind blows continually.

It’s very beautiful especially during the night. This place has a big sulphur spring and has many natural flame sources that often are beneficial for national sport events. It is a hilly area with beautiful scenery and surrounded by a fertile fruit producing area.

This tourism object is a pilgrimage object visited by many tourists out of Madura Island. It’s part of a series of Walisongo tour as form of vow of the poor farmers who have been successful.

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