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Lamongan regency is one of the strategically located regencies for the investment of industry, tourism, housing and commerce because it becomes the supporting district of Metropolitan city of Surabaya or more widely known as Surabaya Metropolitan Area (SMA). In term of territorial cooperation, Lamongan regency belongs to Satuan Wilayah Pembangunan (SWP) of GERBANGKERTOSUSILA, a district development unit covering the regency of Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Sumenep, Sidoarjo

Maharani Cave, is located in Tanjung Kodok sea tourism area, Paciran district Lamongan regency, about 200 m from Tanjung Kodok gateway fringe the roadway to east. About 50 m in the south of the street, there is extent of stone that its soil is tire to form the bank that has downwards. Here, some labourers had mine the coral soil, phosphate material and dolomite fertilizer that had sold by region out Paciran.

Lamongan Marine Tourism (WBL) is available with its unique, the result of combination between natural aspects, cultures, and architecture, which is global, taste but still maintain local trademark.

Sunan Drajat is one of the charismatic of an Islam spreaders in Java Who is called Wali Songo. He was very intelligent and people called him Raden Qosim. His father Sunan Ampel sent him to Aceh and Mocca to study Islam. After finishing his study he taught Islam at the north coast of java

Gondang Dam is located at Sugio district, 19 Km south west of Lamongan. It was built in 1983-1987. The main use of the dam is for irrigation, but now on, many tourists come there for having relax and fishing, Camping ground, water bicycle and mini zoo are available.

The impressive gateway of Sendang Duwur can be found on a hilltop not far from the coast at Paciran north of Lamongan or east of Tuban. The place name is taken from a Moslem Saint, Sunan Sendang, who was buried there in 1585. Sunan Sendang Duwur is one of the Islam spreaders in Java. His charismatic is the same as Wali Songo.

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