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In term of promote the tourism in Bondowoso, especially in east java, and also to introduce the tourist destinations to the visitors. So we consider publishing booklet of tourist object in Bondowoso. This booklet is a brief introduction, which consist of information about name and address of tourist object, also another explanation that very important to visitors who come to Bondowoso.

KAWAH IEN/ IJEN CRATER Ijen Crater is one the tourist destination that has been well known by the foreign and local tourist. It located at Sempol village - Sempol. It has the beautiful natural view. The crater is non-active anymore. Its temperature is between 2 to 8 degree Celsius and the crater area locates on the height 2.386 meter above sea level (mdpl) it is decorated by the edelweiss flower and the other plants, like the Casuarinas Jung (cemara gunung) etc.Coffee Plantation Jampit.

RAUNG MOUNTAIN It is completed with very interesting scenery and the land of plant, and the various animals too. This tour is very interesting and gives a good defiance for visitor, especially for people who interested in the mountain climbing activity. The peak of this mountain located on the height 3,332 meter above sea level.

BALAWAN WATERFALL Balawan Waterfall located at Kalianyar village - Sempol subdistrict approximately 52 km from the town center Bondowoso. It is the downstream of the Pahit River (Hilir kali Pahit) and also the drainage of kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) that full content of sulphur and there are kind of plant here , namely makadamia.

POLO AGUNG WATERFALL The waterfalls height is about 30 meter and it has natural and beautiful scenery. There we see valley green free mendous not too wide. It is equipped with 3 shelters, that located around this place. The visitor can reach the waterfall area, we have to walk carefully.

TANCAK KEMBAR WATERFALL This place is supported by the center of Arabica Coffee Research. Its width is about 380 hectares, benefit irrigation. Local society trust that the waterfall in left side is taking care of by custodian of Man and right side is taking care of By custodian of woman, and for visitor washing face/face will growing agelessly.

ARAK-ARAK BEAUTIFUL SCENERY This tourist object located on the road between Surabaya and Bondowoso, actually at the Sumber Canting village - Wringin subdistrict. It is on the height about 345 meter above sea level. The tourist can enjoy fresh air and also can see charming natural panorama. Tourist can visit this object by using common transportation (Bus, MPU)

THE NATURAL BATHING OF TASNAN This bathing tour has comfortable and safety swimming pool for visitors and we can reach there easily by using the public transportation which has been checked its condition before. This place is eguipped with the playing park and other fasilities are available, with : shelter, dress room, small mosque, podium entertainment amusement and place garden rest.

FLOWER OF LELY Flower of Lely grow and expand in Agrowisata PTPN XII Garden of Kalisat Jampit District of Pakem. This Place also there are homestay, vegetables, flowerbed, carpet crops copy Arabica following kibbling process coffee. Tourist also able to buy flower of Lely.

TRADITIONAL ART SINGO ULUNG This art together with Pojian Art, Ojung Art are always showed at the traditional ceremony, namely “Bersih Desa Blimbing” which is always held every (the month of sya’ban/ruwah). Besides in this moment, this art performance can be watched/enjoyed in the annual moment “Hari Jadi Bondowoso”actually at 16 Agustus.

BRASS INDUSTRY The handicraft of brass (kuningan) located at Cindogo-Tapen subdistrict, approximately 12 km east of Bondowoso - Situbondo. There are many kinds of them, i.e. : the house properties the equipment for the custom ceremony are colorful (like Bokar and Gayung) and various kind of souvenirs. These items have the beautiful color and not easy to fade out. It has been distributed and exported until foreign countries.

THE ANCIENT HERITAGE SARCHOPAGUS Sarchapagus is a part of Situs Megalithicum. It is more well-known as keranda which made of stones or other kind of container, but it has the lid/cover as well. Its function is the same with “the stone grave” dolmen which is used for burying Sarchopagus located at several subdistricts for example one of it at Glinseran village. Wringin subdistrict, approximately 19 km west of the town center Bondowoso.

GERBONG MAUT MONUMENT On 23 November 1947, the history noted by using the gold ink about the heroic struggle of Bondowoso people against the Dutch occupations. One hundred people was carried by using the railway carriages coach from the train station at Bondowoso to the jail at Kalisosok Surabaya at 3 a.m. The incident was known as “Gerbong Maut Incident” and was immortalized as Gerbong Maut Monument that located at the center of Bondowoso. That is became one of the tourist heritage of Bondowoso.

BENDI If you pay a visit to town of Bondowoso not yet complete presumably if not yet gone up bendi having interesting and unique form,location of strategic in Aloon-aloon Bondowoso, tourist can go up bendi circle town aloon-aloon of Bondowoso at the same time enjoy existing view.

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