wooden furniture   Bina Satria Abadi Ltd.
a woodworking and furniture manufacturer

Raya Bringkang No. 8 Menganti, Gresik INDONESIA
Telephone :(62)(031) 7913003
Fax : (62)(031) 7911473
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BSA was founded in 1987. In a 13-year time period BSA has grown to be a distinguished company in the field of woodworking. This fact is supported by the constant amazement and surprise in our clients' faces upon seeing our finished products.

We manufacture chairs, desks, sofas, kitchen sets, cabinets, and they are all based on order. Although we are a small company, our performance is equal, if not better, than to that of the local big wood companies.

The reason behind our excellence is that we focus on quality and that for every product we make, we make sure that it is done right.

Our company is located in the remote area of Menganti in the county of Gresik, Indonesia. We employ more than 200 employees who work on a contract basis.