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A mount climbing is any form activities of travelling to climb a mount which is conducted either in a way of individual or group with various motivation and objectives.

Many beneficial aspects which can be taken in doing a mount climbing activity such as a training to increase self-reliance, increasing stamina developing friendship and spending a leisure time for recreation. While doing a climbing activity, it can be held too for scientific activities to observe natural resources like flora, fauna and ecosystems.

The Mount climbing can be categorized as a kind of sport having great challange and adventured which need skill, power and struggle. The Challenge to overcome any barriers is a main interest of climbing activity to test stamina, and a success in doing a difficult climbing tends as an overcome on fear and take a victory.

Many important aspects should be prepared before doing a climbing activity such as preparation of physical and mental. skills and sufficient knowledge especially about field track which will be traveled knowledge about using compass and map. knowledge about climate, and first aid.

"CIimbing with a good planning
and preparation will enhance of success"

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