Rafting Is The Most Fun Activity On Vacation Schedule

Probolinggo have a large selection of tourist attractions, and one of the most visited is rafting. Rafting is a recreational activity by crossing the river with a rubber boat. The rubber boat that being used is a type of inflatable raft that is destined to pass through the rapids safely because it contains air, which can reduce the collision while hit the rocks.

The River that being crossed is Pekalen River. Pekalen River is located 25 km from downtown of Probolinggo. Pekalen River has rounded and rugged landscape, and settled in 3 sub-districts of Tiris, Maron and Gading. Precisely, it located in the village Angin-angin, Ranu Gedang village and ends at Gembleng hamlet, village Pesawahan.

The route from Pekalen river that can be forded within 29 km and is divided into 3 areas. From this natural state, Pekalen River is being used as ecotourism which can stimulate adrenaline and recreational site.

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Around the river, it has beautiful background of natural sightseeing, majestic waterfalls and bat caves and some rare animals. Hence, by doing rafting in this river will be tremendously fun.

There are three routes from each package flows that commonly used in Pekalen rafting, Pekalen Atas [top side] within 12 km, Pekalen Tengah [middle side] within 7 km and Pekalen Bawah [bottom side] is 10 Km. Each unique route offers different adrenaline when traversed, such as: on bottom side there are 32 rapids to be traversed and at Pekalen above, there will be found 10 stunning beautiful waterfalls.

The most important thing to know is, all the packages offered in this ecotourism rafting is safe to do. For those who like this challenge but cannot swim, do not worry for all these matters are on professionals’ hands, in case of boats, buoys and experts accompanying staff. The visitors just need to calm down and enjoy the adrenaline offered.