PIlgrimage Tours in Java Island, Indonesia
  The Religious Attractions

Most of the religious attractions in East Java are dominated by the influence of Islam which spreads the religions mostly followed by its people. However there are also some attractions for Catholic believers like Puh Sarang Church and other believers like Kwan Sing Bio Temple and Mount Kawi.

Spreading Islamic faith in East Java cannot be separated from Wali Sanga, the nine saints. They had a main role in the transformation of Javanese religion and culture.
Most historians recognize that the nine saints were the priests who always took care towards, religion as well as local populace culture. They also developed and created the traditional culture as a means of their method of religious teaching.

The remain of their efforts can be traced from their works, such as : the creation of Javanese music and songs, leather puppet shadow play, the architectural styles of buildings, and the development of Islamic faith..
The tombs of the nine saints can be found along Java's northcoast between Surabaya and Cirebon (West Java).
Five of them are in East Java, such as : Sunan Ampel in Surabaya, Maulana Malik Ibrahim and Sunan Giri Gresik, Sunan Drajat in Lamongan and Sunan Bonang in Tuban.

The above three cities, Gresik, Lamongan and Tuban, are not far from Surabaya and can be reached in just three or four hours. Therefore those who want to visit there can also stay in comfortable hotels in Surabaya.