There are numerous temple remains from the period of Singosari, which lasted throughout the 13th century. The dynasty traces its origins to the colourful figures of Ken Angrok and his chillingly beautiful queen, Ken Dedes.
Javanese historical records tell of a Buddhist monk, whose daughter was reputed to be the most beautiful girl in the region. One day, while her father was away meditating in the forest, she was visited by the local ruler of Tumapel, who kidnapped her and took her back to his palace. It is said that this ruler, named Tunggul Ametung, loved Ken Dedes deeply and made her his principal queen. When she was about 3 months pregnant, she was taken by her husband on a relaxing excursion to the garden of Boboji. On descending from her carriage, however, her skirt suddenly parted of itself to reveal a blinding light issuing from between her thighs. All this happened directly in front of the young Ken Angrok, who fell immediately under the woman's spell and determined, by fair means or foul, to take Ken Dedes as his wife.
Little did the young man know that all these events were pre- destined and had been decreed by the gods. For whoever married Ken Dedes, it was said, would become a king of kings and rule over the whole of Java.

Legend has it that Ken Angrok was born from the union of his mother with the god Brahma. Yet from what is told of his childhood and youth, he does not seem to have been a likely candidate for the Javanese throne. Abandoned in a graveyard at a young age and subsequently adopted by a thief, the boy began his life as a notorious gambler, running up debts to the point where both his mother and stepfather were forced into slavery. He then took to thievery himself and ended up in so much trouble that on several occasions Brahma himself had to intervene when he feared for the boy's life.
Ken Angrok's fortunes changed when he eavesdropped on the gods while they discussed the future of Java. He learned that it was his destiny to become king and shortly afterwards, on his divine father's recommendation, he was formally appointed heir to the throne. From that point on he sought for a way to take Ken Dedes as his queen and murder her husband. Killing Tunggul Ametung, however, was not an easy task, since the ruler possessed considerable supernatural power (kesakten). It required the forging of a special keris (Javanese double edged sword), which would be capable of piercing the victim's protection. Ken Angrok approached a well known metal smith named Mpu Gandring, who agreed to make the weapon if given a year in which to complete it. Ken Angrok, however, insisted that it be finished in five months, and went on his way.

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