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  List Of Art Gallery In East Java, Including; Painting – Traditional Art – And Another East Java Art
Apics Gallery Art & Frame   Sari Dewi Plants & Art Gallery  
  Jl. Klampis Jaya 42 Ruko Klampis Jaya, Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5928638
    Jl. Rungkut YKP Bl RL-51/I 13, Surabaya
Phone: +6231-8705095
Dua Satu Art & Gallery   Vogue Art Photo Gallery  
  Jl.Mojo I 18, Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5992692
    Jl. Kedungdoro 237, Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5358714
Emmitan Art Gallery   Sunrise Art Gallery & Frame  
  Jl. Walikota Mustajab 76, Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5466611
    Jl. Mayjen Sungkon 75 Darmo Galeria Center Bl A/O-2 , Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5681319
Panorama Art Gallery      
  Jl. Tempel Sukorejo I 22-i, Surabaya
Phone: +6231-5453054
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