TIKUS Temple
in Trowulan


TIKUS Temple
Lokasi : Temon village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency
Material : Bricks
Size : Length 16m, widht 16m, high 3.5m
Description :
At 1914, the regent of Mojokerto, Kanjeng Adipati Aryo Kromojoyo was found Tikus Temple unwittingly. At first the local people sight over the epidemic of taht made a nest in a pile of land. When the nest was digged up they found a temple in it, that this temple called Tikus Temple (Tikus= rat). Tikus temple is bathing place located under ground surface and face to the north. This monument was completed with a temple miniatur surrounding eight more temple miniaturs which represented Mount Mahameru, the sacred mountain and the source all of life. The water flown through the base symbolizes it. According to the shape, it is quite possible that connected with sacred ceremonies implementation.
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