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Ijen Mountain with its phenomenal crater is located in three part of regencies, which in Situbondo, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi, East Java. This volcanic area becomes the most incredible and surreal volcanic area in East Java. Ijen is such a complex of volcanic area, which there is a crater of Ijen and Ijen plateu.

Ijen volcanic area is lies to west of Merapi Mountain. The crater is having a wide turquoise colored acid lake that rich in sulfur. The dramatic nuance can be seen around this marvelous tosca lake.

In this volcanic mountain, we can find the sulfur mining, regarding that the mountain is still active and produce the nature sulfur. Also, we can see the sulfur miners that collect and carry huge loads of pure sulfur up from the crater floor along a steep, rocky path in the middle of clouds of sulfur dioxide gas. Particularly, Ijen volcanic mountain is consider as the home to the largest lake of sulfuric acid in the world.

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