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View of Madiun According to the formal reference of the history of Madiun (before dissociated to become Regency and Madiun City) started at XV century or precisely 18 July 1568 (the day of Madiun anniversary). At the time Prince Timoer trusted to become the duke of regency of Purabaya. The later; titled Panembahan Poerobojo. He is the brother of King Pajang Hadiwidjojo or Djoko Tinglir. (History of Madiun Regency, 1980).

In 1590, Purabaya attacked by Mataram. Legend of Woman War Lord named Retno Dumilah as Purabaya war lord. Purabaya fall and mastered by Mataram until 1830 (after Diponegoro War and won by Duth Colonist). This Matter possible influence Madiun culture and its surroundings felt Mataraman nuance than the cultural nuance of Arek Surabaya and its surroundings.

In 1831-1832 Madiun specified as the Capital city and the center of Madiun city government covered Madiun, Ngawi, Magetan, Ponorogo and Pacitan. At Dutch colonization era, Madiun also represent the industrial estate vitally sugar. Till in this time there are 6 (six) of sugar mill. The regions that produced this sugar mill are rejo Agung, Kanigoro, Pagotan, Purwodadi, Soedono and Redjo sarie laid at about 30 Km from Madiun city.

The stand up of Madiun City is based on Governmental Regulation of Indies Dutch number 326 at 20th June 1918 about Madiun City. But till 1928 it has not the Burgemester (mayor). It only managed by the Resident Assistant. Number Decree 411 in 1928, goverment of Ducth Indies pointed Mr. K.A. Schotman as Mayor of Madiun public service District, and govern till 1932. Started in 1932 until 1967, Madiun City led by 18 Mayor which not yet been known surely range of its position time they are:

1. Mr. K.A. Schotman
2. Boestra
3. Mr. Van Dijk + LocoBurgemeester : Ali Sastramidjojo
4. Dr. Mr, R.M Soebroto
5. Mr. R. Soesanto Tirtiprojo
6. Mayor Soedibjo
7. Mayor R.Porbo Siswono
8. Mayor Soepardi
9. Mayor R. Mochamad (1948 from Siliwangi)
10. Mayor R.M Sudiono
11. Mayor R. Singgih
12. Mayor R. Moentoro
13. Mayor R. Moestadjab
14. Mayor R. Roeslan
15. Mayor R. Soepardi
16. Mayor Soemadi
17. Mayor Soebagyo
18. Mayor Pd. R Roekito, BA
19. Mayor Drs. Imam Soenardji (13 Nov 1968 - 19 Jan 1974)
20. Mayor Achmad Dawaki, BA (19 Jan 1974 - 19 Jan 1979)
21. Mayor Drs. Marsoedi (20 Jan 1979 - 20 Jan 1984)
22. Mayor Drs. Marsoedi (20 Jan 1984 - 20 Jan 1989)
23. Mayor Drs. Masdra M. Jasin (20 Jan 1989 - 20 Jan 1994)
24. Drs. Bambang Pamoedjo (20 Jan 1994 - 20 Jan 1999)
25. Drs. H. Achmad Ali (29 April 1999 - 29 April 2004)
26. Kokoh Raya, SH, M.Hum. (29 April 2004 up to now)

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