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Photo Gallery of Bangkalan Regency

Aer Mata Ibu
Aermata cemetery is located in Buduran village, Arosbaya district; it is the Bangkalan king’s grave at dynasty Cakraningrat I-VII (16 to 18 century). [More...]

Geger Hill
Geger Hill tourism is located in Geger village, Geger district, and 30 km southeast of the city. Reside in 150 to 200 meters dpl height. This location is easy to reach by public transportation. [More...]

Bull Racing
One of attraction icon of Madura culture is Kerapan Sapi (Bull Race). The bull attraction is said come from Sepudi Island, Sumenep regency. [More...]

Rongkang Beach
Rongkang beach is located in Kwanyar, 35 km south of Bangkalan city. Like Maneron beach, this beach condition is still experiencing, and requires the investor presence. [More...]

Traditional Art
The traditional Artistry is still existing with new creation of local choreographers, who are active in dance galleries such as; Tarara dance gallery in Bangkalan district and Larasati dance gallery in Burneh district. [More...]

Sambilangan Beach
Sambilangan beach is located about 7 km in south side of Bangkalan city, in Sambilangan village, Bangkalan district. [More...]

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