Potential Trade Of East Java

The development of trade is one of the activities in economy which has the strategic role in the frame work of the archipelago concept development.

The development of trade is very important to increase economic growth and even distribution and giving significant contribution in creating business field as well as work chance expansion and income increasing.

In the second long term development (PJP II), GBHN (Broad Online of National Direction) instructs that service, as well as infrastructure service and finance service, should be developed to create information network, communications, trade and finance service which supported industrialisation and even distribution. Broad Online of National Direction) signs that national trade and distribution in Five-Year Development Plan (Repelita VI) are directed to accelerate goods_ and services flow as well as protecting the interest of producer and customer in the frame of placing on solid footing economic stability, accelerating, distributing the development results to all of Indonesian territories.

The export increasing of goods and services as well as construction service are directed to the variety of export commodities and increasing the number of goods and services quality and increasing the competitive power through the market expanding, information distribution, and production increasing that is supported by telecommunication infrastructure, transportation and finance institution.

The execution of trade development in east java as included to Five-Year Development Plan of east java with the following policy :

  1. Objective
  2. National Trade
    National trade in east java as instructed in basic pattern of regional development in Five-Year Development Plan has the aim as follows :
    • Increasing national trade efficiency through the efficient and effective national distribution, in the frame of increasing the competitive power of exported products, defending the proper price by spreading the marketing of national products and increasing the role of national entrepreneur especially on weak economy group.
    • Increasing business role, in between, doing policy, eliminating any rules that considered disturbing the execution of business, so that regional business will be more developed.
    • Providing the main needs and another public needs appropriated with production type and public consumption supported by finance system and transportation service and distribution network.

3. International Trade
In the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan, the objective of international development in east java that be together with basic pattern of regional development includes

    1. Export
      To give export motivation on non natural oil and gas, by developing the competitive power and expanding international market through efficiency products, commodity quality, continuous guarantee and exact giving up time and the variety of products and market.
    2. Import
      Completing of goods and services needs especially capital goods, helping stuff that are directed to develop national industry.
    3. Quality
      Economic situation and international trade tend to quality assurance of certain products through the testing result document and quality guarantee from supplier company by applying trusted guarantee system and can be accounted for.


  1. Apparatus
    In the effort of quality increasing from execution apparatus, so in the deregulation nature, state apparatus role especially on trade as licence giver should be lessened and be changed on service giving, good guidance and motivation to the business field in order to be optimal the objective of Five-Year Development Plan.
  2. Target
  3. National Trade
    1. The target of trade development include efficient and effective national distribution system that can accelerate goods and services flow among the countries. Providing the goods and service which can be reached by the producer with proper prices and can increase people prosperity neither producer nor end user. By more accelerating raw material and helping stuff will guarantee the production performance.
    2. The existence of government policy can control better business atmosphere that gives more spaces for export business field to develop quality and quantity done by particular business, State owned co-operation and co-operation.
  4. International Trade
    1. Export
  5. Increasing volume, value and competitive power of export commodities of east java in the world market.
  6. Even distribution of the business chances and increasing participation trader of weak economic group.
  7. Maintaining the existence of traditional market and spreading market area with the variety of export commodity.
  8. Increasing of export variation
  9. Increasing of local raw material content and east java export technology.
  10. Increasing added value and price/export unit
  11. Increasing of export ability in marketing field and more increasing in completing determinations neither national nor international in the field of trading/export and more steady organisation/association and marketing board so that can be have a role as its function.
  12. More complete and more accelerate the information distribution of trading field in national or international.
  13. Creating profit each other involvement between producer and consumer
  14. Increasing producer income of people agriculture and trader
  15. Creating trade commitment both sides bilaterally that appropriated with the interest that giving profit to each other.
  16. Being steady of competitive power of export trade items of east java in bilaterally trade as well as usage increasing and the ability of Indonesian trade representatives abroad.
  17. More complete and more accelerate the information distribution in the field of international trade, neither business field nor government area.
    1. Import
  18. Providing of capital goods, raw material, and service that is needed for industrial sector development.
  19. Increasing the import role concerning to the environment concept.
  20. Increasing import service information especially for middle group and small in the frame of supporting export efficiency through productsdiversification and country of origin.
  21. Increasing of import trade role in the effort of creating foreign investment growth and national investment.
  22. Controlling the import of certain products in the frame of supporting national industry increasing.
    1. Quality
  23. Increasing export through quality and quality assurance that appropriate with market demand.
  24. Increasing of product competitive power and customer protection through quality control and quality assurance.
  25. Laboratory test result can be received and be admitted by national and international trade.
  26. Producers are able to create quality assurance.

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