Vincent Van Gogh For Sale !!!

The rarest painting in the world for exclusive sale from my masterpiece collection of Vincent Van Gogh.
Oil on canvas with red signature at the bottom of right.

The Crocuses & Daffodils Flower in White VOC vase and 4 fruits

Size 36,5 cm x 26,5 cm
Price offer US $ 29 Million Negotiable
Market price $ USD 45 - 50 millions!!!

Fine Art Appraisal and legitimate certificate book from USA Canada DR. J. Darragh M. Elliot and Word or Critics
by Gerard Vaughan, Director National Gallery of Victoria.

There have been many fake Van Gogh’s in History.
There is no doubt about that, in fact entire books have been written on the phenomenon of forging Van Gogh’s
But those forgeries are all pretty easy to tell, and many of them have been very well documented.

Owner cell: +62-813-3529-7888 (Mr. Rudy Rori)
Or +62-31-5936920
Email :

International Brokers & Agent Welcome with negotiable fee or commission.

More info, visit :

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