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Bamboo Handicraft was founded in May 1988 as the traditional company in Surabaya. We offer most attracted plaited bamboo handicraft. All products are made from bamboo and performed by skilled craftmen. This handicraft has known by our society and made for generations, especially in Java from a long time ago.
With the experienced craftmen, we are ready to handle the large orders without ignoring quality which has been our pride in producing our products. It makes us always keep quality with high reputation.
Our products have also exported to several countries in Africa, Asia and Europe such as : Taiwan, Netherland, Canada, and Zimbabwe.

Our Mission
Our long term goal is to promote our handicraft especially in plaited bamboo which is pioneered by our ancestor and providing employment for local villagers. We expected by promoting our products through the internet will be known more by worldwide that our country has various handicraft especially in plated bamboo. Products from Bamboo Handicraft is handmade and no machine assistance. For services such as required design by customer will be provided by Bamboo Handicraft Design and Sources.

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Jln. Kedung Tarukan Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia

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