View of the Bromo / Semeru massif , from Mt. Penanjakan
 Mt. Bromo is without doubt East Java's most well known attraction. The pre-dawn departure and trek across the mountain's 'sand sea' to watch the sun rise at the crater rim has become a daily ritual, joined by visitors from all over the world. Although by no means the highest mountain in the region, Bromo has gained a reputation on account of its fantastic surrounding landscape. Little wonder that this mountain has been revered for centuries by the local inhabitants, the Tenggerese, who claim descent from a princess of Majapahit. Each year, on the fourteenth day of the Tenggerese month of Kasodo, which falls in December, a special ceremony is held on the sand sea below the crater of Bromo. Livestock and agricultural produce are offered to the spirit of the mountain as a kind of thanksgiving, and as a request for a bountiful harvest in the coming year. The Tenggerese believe that failure to observe this annual ceremony will result in a calamity.
Tenggerese Villagers
Dawn at Mt. Bromo attracts visitors from all part of the world
Bromo; the annual Kasodo attracts thousands of visitors
The crater of Mt. Bromo
Mt. Batok viewed from the crater of Bromo
Comfortable accommodation at the grand Bromo Hotel, Sukapura
Steps lead up to the crater
Bromo; a view from the rim
of the crater

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